About Us

Mannequin Rental Co. was started by professional event planners who discovered that finding a professional retailer who supplied mannequins was unnecessarily challenging. As experienced live event producers, we were the go-to source for clients who wanted to bring the best to their trade show store supply or retail displays. From mannequin rentals to display racks and accessories, we wanted to deliver a consistent result to clients, and found ourselves adding the best mannequins we could find to our inventory to guarantee that consistency. After years of searching for the best quality of retail display products, we decided to break off this piece of our business to really invest in and develop our inventory. From day one, we’ve had phones ringing off the hook with retailers who were looking to upgrade their trade show displays and store supply for events of all shapes and sizes. Finding a high-end mannequin for display turned out to be a problem that was well known to anyone trying to create professional retail displays. Thankfully, our team was dedicated to providing this much-needed service to our clients and exhibitors across the globe, so we expanded our inventory and our team to create Mannequin Rental Co.

Today, we pride ourselves in being the top producer of high-end mannequin rentals and we are now contracted to supply professional mannequins for display to some of the largest retailer events and conventions across the continental United States. From Outdoor Retailers in Denver, Colorado to Interbike Marketweek in Nevada, our mannequins are appearing in vendor events and expo displays across the country. As our team expands their reach across the globe, we hope to become the top supplier of mannequins for anyone looking for the next step in elevating their retail display.