About Us

Mannequin Rental Co. was started by professional event planners who found that renting  high quality mannequins was  unnecessarily challenging.  Wanting to have consistent options to offer our clients,  we started  adding high end mannequins to our inventory. Things took off fast. It quickly became clear many brands and shows wanted our services.  We decided mannequin rentals needed to become a business all its own, not just part of our existing event company. Since then, Mannequin Rental Co. has been growing in size and scope, always remaining true to our initial mission of providing high quality and reliable  mannequin rentals.

Today, we pride ourselves on being the top producer of high-end mannequin rentals in the U.S.  We supply mannequins to countless brand events as well as some of the nation’s biggest trade shows each year. Outdoor Retailer, Active Collective, Surf Expo, and The Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show are just a few of the expos we participate in each year.  To rent with us today or include us in your show’s exhibitor kit contact us today.