wooden hanger Shelving
  • Male White Egghead Torso

    Body height: 35″

    Bust: 38″

    Waist: 30″

    Total height: up to 4′ 6″, floor length base also available

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  • Female White Egghead Torso

    Height: 29″

    Bust: 33.5″

    Waist: 26″

    Total height with table top base: up to 45.5″, floor length base also available

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  • wooden hanger

    Wooden Hangers

    We’ve thought of every detail for you, even down to the hangers. Our neutral wooden hangers have a clean look that will bring the attention right to your product. With clear gripping on both ends, even the smoothest of fabrics will stay put. These hangers come in packs of 25ct or 50ct

  • Shelving


    Display all kinds of products with our 4 Tier Shelving Unit. Its sleek dark colors perfectly blend in to any trade show booth or event set up. This shelving unit can also be shortened down to three and two shelves to fit whatever display needs you have

    Dimensions: Height: 43.3” W:23.6” D:11.6”

    Distance between shelves: 13.3