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Mannequins used to display art and clothing traces back to the 1830s. Patterns, materials, and silhouettes of fashionable garments have changed dramatically through time and across cultures. The human form, has stayed mostly the same. We love to see how our basic mannequins can be transformed through art and fashion. Art is meant to be displayed on the human form, and we are fortunate to provide high-quality mannequins to be a blank canvas. Below is a gallery and explanation of the exhibits these mannequins were featured in. If you are an artist who uses one of our mannequins, send us pictures to be added to the gallery with a history and explanation of your work.

2019 UVU Graduation BFA Graphic Design Show


Kristi Johnson, @kristi.design_

This absolutely stunning design was made by Kristi Johnson as part of the graduation showcase for Utah Valley University. The costume is a traditional carnival costume from Trinidad and Tobago.  The artist constructed the entire costume by hand, using materials sourced from Trinidad, Hong Kong, and America. These three cultures are which that the artist associates with. This all came together in a beautiful explosion of feathers, jewels, and color.

2019 Nelson-Aatkins Museum



Both male and female mannequins got to adventure to Kansas City, Missouri to model for an exhibit. This display was part of the Día de los Muertos celebration held by the museum and featured beautiful, colorful traditional clothing from Mexico.